NX425 371-4571**Out of Stock**

NX425  371-4571**Out of Stock**
Item# NX425-371-4571

Product Description

Netra X4250 Base Assembly (NX425) 371-4110 371-2629 Disk Fan Tray (FT1) 371-2628 System Fan (FT0) 371-2701 PDB Fan (FT2) 371-2699 Alarm Card 530-4076 Cable Kit 371-4571 Power Distribution Board, SATA 371-3767 Air Duct 371-2900 Front LED Board Bus Bar Bracket (540-7703 371-3764 x4 PCI Express Riser-0 371-3765 x4 PCI Express Riser-1 371-3766 x8 PCI Express Riser-2 Bracket only) 371-3763 PCI Tray Bracket only NSN4250A-8-32-2C